Anxiety hack #2, Your thoughts

May 11th, 2018


The power of digging deeper into your thoughts and setting them free!

Find the starting point; No matter what you are feeling right now, that anxiety has a starting place. Look at what was going on when the anxiety began. Let’s say you remember being in a hurry at the time it started. This empowers you by bringing focus to the exact cause of what you feel instead of letting the anxiety control the situation.

Getting deeper inside your head. Now examine why that specific situation makes you so anxious. When have you felt this way before and why? Using the above example of being in a hurry let’s say you realize it comes from a feeling of being in the way that started back at home around your siblings. This helps it feel less personal and more manageable!

Getting it out of your head. Once you understand it you don’t have to own it any longer. The fastest way to stop carrying it around is to give it away. Finding some one you trust to talk to or writing it down is amazingly beneficial. This gets it out of your way and removes its power.

Most of all be kind to yourself.

More to come in Anxiety 301!

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