Partnering with a life coach is providing a
higher education for your inner self.


What is it worth? Most coaches will post a page of pricing and packages here. Instead I ask you to challenge yourself with this question; what is it worth to you to reach your goals, to have better relationships, to enjoy your life more? Because that is truly what coaching will bring you.

And my second question is what is affordable for you right now? That’s our starting point. My very first client has the original monthly rate she started with and keeps asking me when I will increase my rates. She’s found so much success she feels like she wants to pay me more!

I am here to partner with you while you create the life you actually want to be living. We will decide together what your fees will be. I offer everyone a free 30-45 minute introductory meeting to see if we are a good fit in working together. I’m super excited to see where you want to go with your life! Let’s set up a time to meet soon!

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