Here are three steps that can help easily address all types of anxiety from most all sources:
1. Define what you’re working with; nervousness (this is new and my inexperience is making me very uncomfortable), stress (this person or situation makes me feel pressure) or anxiety (I always feel like there is a problem and may or may not be sure why). This will begin to help clarify your thoughts.

2. Own it!! We often place the responsibility for our angst on what we believe to be the problem, an outside source. But anxiety actually only lives within you and your thoughts. How you view the problem causes that internal tension. Think of it this way, you can’t change the world but you can change how you look at it! This helps loosen its grip and begins to empower you!

3. Understanding that it’s our thoughts that create our feelings. Identifying the exact feeling can lead you to the root cause, usually a fear based on a false belief. This will allow you to face it, process it properly and rid yourself of that anxiety.

Most of all be kind to yourself.

More to come in Anxiety 201!

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