Partnering with a life coach is providing a
higher education for your inner self.


Penny takes what you’re saying and not only listens to you but she completely reiterates to you what’s in-between the lines. She allows you to hear yourself in a way that is absolutely beautiful and clarifying. My sessions with Penny have been mind-blowing and have allowed myself to make REAL change where it counts. Working with her has been such a blessing. If you get the opportunity to have a coaching session with her, DO IT! You’ll be forever grateful!
Krystine Sherwood

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

I can’t thank Penny enough for guiding me through an immense amount of self-healing accomplished in months instead of years of therapy. I feel stronger and much more capable to handle life’s challenges now that I feel whole. Thank you Penny for helping me break down walls, establish boundaries, and become the best version of myself. 



I’ve worked with a coach before but Penny has been able to nudge me a lot further than what I’m use to which helps me to see things from a wider perspective and to dig a lot deeper into my past. I never realised how much my childhood affected me until Penny pointed me in that direction. She asks just the right questions that help me pick up things I wasn’t aware of before and also provides me with tools on how to protect myself from limiting beliefs. I’m better equipped to deal with my feelings than ever before. She’s been very positive and compassionate towards me, easy to talk to and I’ve never felt judged. I’m very grateful that we’ve crossed paths (Thank you Penny)

South African Cape Town, Western Cape

Penny creates a safe nonjudgmental place to think and discuss thoughts for self improvement. She asks the right questions that get me to connect things about myself that I wouldn’t have otherwise. She’s helped me realize that I do have the answers and solutions and all it takes is the right questions from within to figure out my own answers.
Alexis Holsted

Working with Penny has been transformational for me. She has fantastic listening skills and I feel completely heard and understood when she coaches me. She is incredibly empathetic and understanding which, when paired with her ability to help me create practical steps to achieve my goals, make her an extremely effective coach. It’s truly a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend her.

Tom S

Seattle, WA

Coach Penny Payton helped to ground me and see the forest from the trees. Her focused and steady approach got me to realize what was important and what was fluff. I have had my business for 14 years now. And after working with Coach Penny, my business has experienced over three times growth from last year. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and ability to cut through the excuses while holding me accountable. If you find that you are stuck, scattered and just plain out of gas, you need to get you some Coach Penny Payton. It will free you to build like never before.

Andrew Harrill – President – Digitally Engineered, LLC.

Andrew Harrill

Murrieta, California

Working with Penny is a jam-packed hour of compassion, gentle humor and honest prompts which invite me to rise to my fullest potential. Her direct approach shines a warm light on the shadowed areas of my thinking. I’ve had multiple “a-ha” moments throughout our coaching time, which have each opened a door to a deeper understanding of myself and how I interact with the world. I now feel like a more receptive, empowered, patient and forgiving person. These qualities directly affect my work as an artist and educator. I trust Penny implicitly, and she works with the highest degree of respect and integrity. In Penny, you’ll get a coach who listens, validates, reflects back, and follows your lead as you pave your own path of self-discovery.
Christine L.

Seattle, WA

Penny does a great job of asking questions that make you think about your life in new ways. She helped me understand my core value and how it drives the decisions i make. Working with her is comfortable and allows you to talk through whatever the topic happens to be. I would highly recommend her to help you look at things from a new perspective. You might be surprised what you find.
Greg May

San Diego, CA

You don’t think you need life coaching until you decide to get a life coach. I think everyone needs life coaching at some point. Penny is very expirinced at what she does and her approach is special and unique to the context of your situation. I’m definitely glad I’m working with her.
Nana C.

Washington State

As an 11th grade student, friend, daughter and athlete, I have a lot on my plate, and it is hard for me to deal with sometimes. I had the chance to talk to Penny a few times and it really helped me think differently about certain situations and people. She helped me tweak a sort of mindset that I had to a more positive one. My outlook on things is way better than it was and I am very grateful for that!
Maddie Wilmot

Encinitas, CA

I would highly recommend working with Penny if you’re ready to uncover what’s not serving you. She’s insightful, real and gets down to the meat of the problem. I’ve been working with Penny for over a year and she’s helped me work through a very tough break up, a major move and job challenges. Our conversations leave me with a plan and new energy. She’s definitely brought clever and deep insights up to me that I never would have thought of on my own. It’s so great to have her in my corner.
Remy Haynes

Del Mar, CA, USA

I have had the pleasure of working with Penny for about 10 months. When we started working together, I had a dizzying array of projects—starting a new business, issues at work, family concerns. Penny has a way of helping me set my priorities in a way that feels authentic and doable! She provides a safe place to explore alternatives, and isn’t afraid to ask me the tough questions.
Her style is unique—a combination of pragmatic and existential. We can work though issues of life purpose and spirit as well as how to find more work/ life balance. She is truly a gifted coach!

Rhonda Simpson

Oregon, USA

I am a highly functioning professional male with way too much going on in my world. After 4 months of working with Penny Payton as my Life Coach, the results are astounding. I am more organized (mentally and physically) than I have ever been. My mind was always a jumble of what to attack next, and who to take care of. Penny helped me to prioritize, get rid of things and projects that were not providing any joy or benefit and above all, taught me how to take care of ME. Since I’ve been focusing on what is truly important, my capacity to accomplish things has increased dramatically. Since I now focus on taking care of myself and my needs first, my level of joy has increased and that has helped the people around me experience the same. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Penny because they always result in a new revelation, a great suggestion, new goals and immediate peace of mind. Thank you Penny Payton!
Kevin Leap, President, Just My Ticket and San Diego Film Festival

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