Anxiety Hack #3, Insecurities

May 11th, 2018


Understanding our insecurities can be the key to breaking down anxiety


Ever thought about how insecurities begin? Who wants to take time to think about that right?! But if you do I bet some trace back to when you were a kid. We naturally expect our parents to keep us safe, but they can’t know our every fear; and we often end up with hidden fears we can’t explain for this reason. When we don’t feel safe as a child it can create an insecurity we carry into our adult lives.

Ever thought about why they persist into adulthood?

It’s almost like insecurities just become a part of us and we don’t even know we can do anything about them. And often we don’t get the proper tools to understand and process our emotions. So we may not know we are the only ones who have power over our own emotions!!! No one can make you feel anything. As adults we are responsible for our own emotional well-being.

Ever wonder how to build a better relationship with yourself and everyone else?

As adults we deserve to be empowered and inspired to become our best selves, and surprisingly, EMOTIONS are often our biggest roadblock. Using awareness around times you feel anxious will help you understand, process and remove the power from your insecurities. A little thought can lead to a life more empowered!


Most of all be kind to yourself.

More to come in Anxiety 401!

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