Partnering with a life coach is providing a
higher education for your inner self.


Who am I? That’s a question I wish I’d asked myself years ago! Today I am an inspired, passionate woman living a life filled with my own truths. But it took me a lot longer to get here than it could have.

My start in life was a rough one. I was the result of an affair between my mom, who at 42 was married with a son; and my dad who at 53 had never been married. They choose to leave their lives behind and marry each other to raise me in the middle of nowhere! I grew up in the desert on a dirt road where the nearest neighbor was a mile away and 70 years old. My parents extended ages, the generational gap and the fact that I was unplanned created an environment of neglect and left me a product of emotional trauma.

By the time I was 25 I was raising my beautiful seven year old son alone as my marriage to his father had failed as well as a second engagement. I needed a change. I moved to San Diego to attend college where I lived there for the next thirty years I spent the majority of that time as Director of Operations for a fine dining group. One thing a lot of coaches have in common is years of disappointment in corporate America and I am no different. I have many awesome memories of some amazing experiences connected with my job but being fulfilled in my work was not one of them.

In the back of my mind I knew I belonged elsewhere, I just had no idea where. I began to see just how easy it is to get stuck in a life you never really chose for yourself. I was merely existing. So I changed it all. I sold literally everything I owned including my house in San Diego. I packed up four boxes of stuff, threw my clothes in my car and moved to the Pacific North West where my son lives. And then coaching found me! It’s been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

I now live my life authentically and on purpose, doing only things I actually want to do, each and every single day. Before I worked to sustain a lifestyle that was never my dream. Now I focus on things I want and not what others think I need. I am truly living the dream!

My life experience, the years of counseling staff daily, personal development work including hypnotherapy and my coach training bring an amazing combination of skills and experience to my coaching ability. I spend each day with a smile on my face, in a sea of frowning faces. I look forward to sharing the joy coaching can bring into life with everyone I possibly can!

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