Partnering with a life coach is providing a
higher education for your inner self.


How my life story became my life’s work

I was living what I guess many would consider a life to be envious of; I had a long term, stable and very well-paying career. The experiences I’ve had would likely be considered beyond average by most; two personal tours of the White House, met a sitting President and Governor as well as a variety of well-known and influential people, been to the Super Bowl, World Series and NBA finals and even had a private photo shoot with Shamu at Sea World. 

And then on day I nearly died. True story: if not for one very persistent doctor I would have died in my sleep having had each of my organs shut down one by own, from a devastatingly low hemoglobin count. Because I was during that time totally and completely clueless. So unaware in fact that I didn’t get the hint. It wasn’t until God, the universe, or whatever higher power had forced my hand, finally pushing me out of the comfort zone of that old way of life. I left behind a job of 27 years and found myself unemployable in an industry I’d excelled in.

It was then, after crises in identity and faith that I found myself thinking differently and finally looking inward. Gradually I began to lighten my load. What began with a few sales on Offer up ended with me selling my home and everything I owned. I began hypnotherapy to understand my battle with food and weight and then became certified as an emotional wellness coach. I moved states to be closer to my child. All which landed me on a destined journey with my twin soul.

I learned that the path to consciousness is found in the unpacking of the emotional baggage lodged tightly within the subconscious. I found that authentic self was just another name for my soul. On a call with my twin soul, I uncovered the blueprint for my entire adult life had been hidden within the anger of my youth. I faced down every thought, unraveled each left over feeling from childhood trauma, identified each trigger, and every place of deeply hidden emotional pain only to find that happiness became sustainable, mindfulness was normal and the inner peace that had been gradually opening up before me was actually the key to total freedom.

Now I live at the beach telling my story, helping others to unpack their emotional baggage too.  


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