Penny wasn’t always the author of her own story,

but she shares that story hoping you will look more deeply into your own.


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I am a passionate advocate and teacher for the advancement of emotional self-awareness. By increasing EQ on the individual level, we can each increase our connection to humanity and change the direction of the planet towards inclusive and accepting behavior. In order to do that we must first understand our internal programing and approach ourselves with an open mind and fresh curiosity outside of the conditioning and unresolved trauma of the past.

 I have dedicated the past decade to extensive research of childhood and generational trauma, along with the power the subconscious holds over us. For as many years, I’ve utilized both hypnotherapy and coaching to do a deep dive into my trauma and worked diligently to understand the experiences of my son. My entire life changed as a result.

 I am an iPec-certified energy leadership coach focusing on the core root causation of current unwanted actions, a published author of three books, a published author in American Scholars Press, a public speaker, and a thought leader. But I wasn’t always the author of my own story. For decades I lived my life by default, following the blueprint of my childhood, which was filled with hidden trauma.

 Understanding that most adults have been taught to ignore their emotions rather than to use them as a navigational tool to their benefit, I set out to create the tools I wished I had when I began. I’ve also partnered with my co-author of Consciousness is Under the Rubble to found Emotional Awareness Advocates. We conduct workshops and retreats, and train facilitators on creating safe spaces to hold conversations about the benefits of increasing levels of emotional self-awareness.

Most recently I’ve published a personalized journal. Unpacking Emotional Baggage: The Journal is an emotional wellness journey. When I discovered most people were not given a basic understanding of the importance of emotions or how to navigate their own, I got to work. This is a step-by-step guide to creating a solid emotional foundation by building your own emotional self-awareness, understanding childhood trauma, and gaining social emotional competency. Everyone has unwanted residual from their childhood.


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