A few things to make life easier, Part Two

September 17th, 2020

It’s simply not your fault
A series on transitions, a few simple paragraphs about managing life well in times of drastic change
Part Two: Inward
Navigating the choppy waters of 2020 and its perfect storm of life changing demands has highlighted the layers of unpreparedness in each of our inner-personal resumes. The days have both slowed down and sped up in unison, while coping has taken on a whole new relevance. With much of our entertainment on hold we’ve lost our ability to be distracted and are now facing off with ourselves in ways that may be increasingly uncomfortable. And that’s okay. Because when we go back to part one, we have seen that we are safe and life is manageable when we allow ourselves the moments to connect with that reality. But connecting back to ourselves can be a scary thing at times and this speaks directly to our lack of preparedness when it comes to understanding some of our own feelings.
Our process has been to embrace and seek out positive emotions, and let’s face it, kick some of the negative ones under the rug. We fly through the days on a dogged mission to achieve but how often do we really stop to examine how you feel about anything? We may allow ourselves time for a smile here and there as we forge through to the next task but so often all the jabs that life throws at us just permeate our psyche’s without batting an eye. Emotions themselves are meant to be fleeting feelings that gently steer us like an intuitive GPS through our lives; our best allies in avoiding the landmines in life.
But when the issues become larger than life and can take us far off track at times the results can be disastrous. We may all be destined to go through this at least once in life, but do we need to do it repeatedly? Not if we take the time to understand things from a bit of a different perspective. We each have the ability to shape these issues or difficult times, yet we are often unaware we hold that power within. The best way to begin is to start today. Pay attention to what you feel, all of it. Not by letting any of it drag you down but simply open your mind to a new awareness. Give yourself permission to feel. Keep a notepad if you like and jot down anything you’d like to reflect upon further. It’s opening a door to a new way to look at all you feel, and it’s not your fault if you weren’t trained how to navigate some of them before. Understanding our emotional selves is not innate, it’s learned or mirrored from our examples…not your fault!
It’s simply not your fault
A series on transitions, a few simple paragraphs about managing life well in times of drastic change
Part Three: Set the Tone for a Mindful Day

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