A few things to make life easier: Part One

September 13th, 2020

It’s simply not your fault

A series on transitions, a few simple paragraphs about managing life well in times of drastic change

Part One: Ebbs and Flows

 While the world has not stopped, it may feel as if it’s spinning a bit off axis of late. In times such as these some of the simplest of things can be our biggest allies in maintaining perspective. By remembering that life has a habit of drifting along in ebbs and flows we also remember that downward motion is not perpetual  which can serve to lift us up from the grey skies and allow a bit of light to shine on the darkest of days. Something as uncomplicated as quietly sitting with the understanding that we are safe in the moment can relieve and release tension and stress when done a few times over the course of each day.

The notion of fitting this into a busy day may seem like a ridiculously foreign plot to subvert your traction, when in fact, it is just the opposite. Checking in with yourself is an art form, a mastery of self-care. A motivational platform from which you shout, I am important, more important that this (fill in the blanks). This is how you make your own day ebb and flow as life intended.

It’s one step closer to inner peace. It’s not necessary to reach a deep state of meditation or have a goal to become a yogi. Just breathe and remember you are safe. The tide of life has not swept you up and you are not adrift or lost at sea. Instead it’s gently brought you back to a safe shore, because you’ve turned your focus back towards yourself, one thing you may have been taught to ignore the most. Each moment you savor for your own inner peace builds strength as the ups and downs in life present themselves. Giving yourself permission is your right; and it’s not your fault if you didn’t know that before.

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